Welcome to Belisaere!

Belisaere is the capital city of the Old Kingdom, a region of the island of Ancelstierre, and the starting point for your stories. The world is a unique one, with numerous different cultures and laws. They are very loosely based on the stories by Garth Nix, and any resemblance to events and materials in the books is purely intended as homage. (Note: the geography specified here is deliberately different from that of the story, though I love the names so much I had to retain some of them!)

Character Classes and Races available come from a small list of the hundreds already created for Pathfinder.

Magic works in unique ways. There are three distinct classes of magic, Charter Magic which replaces Divine Magic in the Pathfinder rules, Free Magic which entirely opposes Charter Magic, and Bloodline Magic which allows for the casting of what Pathfinder calls ‘arcane magic’, using the unique connection to the Charter which certain people have.

Other than that – this wiki is currently just my ideas for a possible campaign in this world. I’ve never played Pathfinder, and want to explore what it can do. It sounds as if the system will allow a fair variety of RP in the world created here.